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Germany Sintered titanium based platinum coating anode

The imported sintered titanium based platinum coating anode is high-end insoluble anode and is applied to global high-end plating, electrolysis, metallurgy, desalination, batteries, waste water treatment and other industries. The anode uses THE sintering process, which can achieve the international best quality and has qualitative leap regardless of the electrochemical properties or life. Within the globe, the vast majority of high-end customers are using this anode, including AtoTech, KasparWalter, Federal Mogul (the world’s largest auto parts supplier), Asimco, VW (Volkswagen), RasselStein (subsidiary of German heavy industry giant ThyssenKrupp) and other chemical, automotive and heavy industry leaders. 寿命优势:
Life advantages:
At the same platinum layer thickness, the life of platinum anode depends on the binding force of platinum layer and titanium substrate. Usually, platinum anode failure isn’t caused by platinum layer depletion, but the poor binding force between platinum layer and the substrate causes the platinum layer falling. German sintered anode has been treated at high temperature during production, ensuring uniform coating, low internal stress, void-free, good toughness and good adhesion; however, plated platinum anode is cold coating process, and the characteristics of the plating process determine that the coating is subject to great internal stress, brittleness, poor uniformity, high porosity and easy burst; once the matrix has a deformation, the coating will fall off in blocks.
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