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       Dongguan Metal Surface Treatment Technology Co., Ltd.is a comprehensive professional enterprise that integrates R&D, production, sales, service and training of machines, equipments, grinding stones, copper additives, chrome additives, engraving stylus and other consumables for gravure plate making. 

       Since the establishment, the company has been sticking to the business philosophy of “truth-seeking, innovative, united and efficient”, introduced a large number of professionals and technical personnel (of which the staff with bachelor or higher degrees account for more than 50% of the total employees), 

 created long-term strategic technical cooperation with high-end chemical companies of Germany and Japan, and has made great progress in the field of new product development and technological innovation. The company has a number of patented technologies and has created into products, which are highly appraised by the industry and the government.


        The mission of the Company is to provide the most suitable products and deeper technical support, improve reputation of customer products, and reduce integrated costs of customers. Metal has been committed to product quality control, has strict raw materials and product testing standards and high-end testing equipment, and has won the trust of our customers with scientific process control, high-quality products, comprehensive technical support, attentive services and good business reputation.


       The Company has become the largest supplier of gravure consumables supplier in China, and the products have been exported to the Korea, United States, Russia, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Malaysia , Egypt, Africa , India, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines etc. 

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