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Efficient degreasing agent

Efficient degreasing agent

Efficient degreasing agent
Efficient degreasing agent
Metal high-efficiency degreaser is light yellow alkaline mixed powder,
Efficient and low foaming used in steel, cast iron, plastic, stainless steel,
Degreasing and decontamination of workpieces made of copper and copper alloys.
Its advantages are:
1. Good degreasing effect without leaving any residue on the surface;
2. Less consumption and fast degreasing speed;
3. No corrosion and rust prevention to the workpiece;
4. No need to heat, it can be operated at room temperature, saving energy;
5. The smell is aromatic, does not contain organic ingredients such as ethers, and is not harmful to the human body;
6. Economy and environmental protection.
Process characteristics:
1. Fast degreasing speed, under normal temperature conditions;
2. No heating required, saving energy consumption;
3. It has anti-rust effect on steel and other metals, improves the quality of nickel plating layer and reduces rework;
4. The pH is weakly alkaline and does not corrode the workpiece;
5. It does not contain organic substances such as ethers, and has no pungent odor, which is beneficial to the health of the operator;
6. Less consumption, economical and environmentally friendly.
Process requirements:
Process conditions and parameters
Temperature room temperature (better heating effect)
Degreasing agent content 3-10% aqueous solution
Degreasing method: Wipe, soak, electrolysis or ultrasonic assist
Comparison of similar products: 10% concentration of degreaser aqueous solution
Product name PH value Degreasing time Degreasing efficiency Rusting time Rusting rate
Efficient degreasing agent 10-11 10s 100% 30min 0.12%
A certain domestic brand degreaser 11-12 20s 99.8% 5min 1.03%
Scope of application:
Suitable for electroplating industry, painting industry, electronics industry, machinery manufacturing
Wait for the removal of contaminants on the surface of the workpiece.
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