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Plating solution analyzer

Plating solution analyzer

1. The technical requirements for beginners are not high, as long as the operator can use simple tools such as pipettes to dilute the plating solution, and understand the simple use of a computer, the laboratory work of related components can be completed;
2. The test speed is fast, no standard solution is required. It can be read directly during the test process, basically without relevant conversion. The test of a project can be completed in only 1-2 minutes, and the speed will be improved after the operation is proficient;
3. In the initial stage of the test, there is no need to use the manufacturer to configure the standard solution and make the relevant curve. The standard curve is already prepared in the equipment, and the standard curve of each manufacturer is the same, so the test standards are consistent, and the data error obtained can be minimized;
4. The test steps are simple and easy to master. Before the test, you only need to dilute the plating solution and transfer it into the cuvette. The subsequent work is completed by the computer-controlled plating solution analyzer;
5. There is no need to add any reagents for the analysis of the main salt ions in the test process, only some items need to add the reagents attached to the equipment, so the test cost is much lower than the traditional titration analysis;
6. There is no need to configure auxiliary equipment such as analytical balances, electric furnaces, conical flasks, beakers, etc., only a few volumetric tubes and reagent bottles are needed, so very few equipment is required (the above utensils are prepared by our company, and they are also equipped with precision The pipette replaces the traditional pipette);
7. The plating solution analyzer can not only test the main components in the plating solution, but also test the impurity content in the plating solution, which will have a positive effect on the detection of the state of the plating solution or the quantitative treatment of impurities in the future; for example, it can detect the content of the acid copper solution. Iron ion and nickel ion; copper ion and iron ion in nickel plating solution; copper ion and iron ion in chromium plating solution;
8. It can detect the composition of electroplating wastewater, realize quantitative dosing, and improve the effect of wastewater treatment; the wastewater pollutants that can be detected are: hexavalent chromium, copper ion, nickel ion, lead ion, mercury ion, cadmium ion, free phosphorus , Cyanide, etc.
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