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Grinding roll

Grinding roll

Grinding roll
3M precision grinding rolls are mainly conveyed in one direction with a polyester film coated with steel grit, so the steel grit will not be reused, avoiding the inconsistency of the polishing effect between the end and the end of the workpiece during the general fine polishing. 3M Precision Grinding rolls can save time and reduce production costs more than general precision polishing methods, and the polishing effect is more precise and consistent, which greatly improves your competitiveness.
Origin: South Korea
Ore: Alumina
Planting glue: resin
Substrate: polyester film
Polishing method: dry or wet
Scope of application:
Surface polishing treatment for plate making, roll making, hardware, plastics, automobiles, shafts, machining, etc.
Product advantages:
1. Using high-quality abrasives, strong adhesives and soft polyester film backing, the film has strong support, is more flexible and durable than other products, is not easy to tear and deform, and is more durable than similar products. It can be polished dry or wet.
When applied to the printing plate roller polishing, it can thoroughly polish and smooth the burrs deep in the dots of the printing chrome roller and around the dots, which can well solve the phenomenon of ink scraping, ink dragging and wire drawing during printing of the plate roller.
When applied to other high-precision polishing, due to the good toughness of the product structure, this product can be more conveniently and effectively polished to different parts of the workpiece, which enhances the sharpness and service life of the product and reduces the production cost of the material.
2. The exclusive innovation adopts the secondary coating technology, which greatly improves the uniformity of the sand surface while reducing the problem of sand-out.
When applied to the printing plate roller polishing, the chromium layer can be uniformly stressed on the polished surface, and the chromium surface is thrown out to be smoother and smoother. The scraper and the chromium surface contact more evenly during printing, which can improve the transfer effect and the wear resistance of the chrome layer .
When applied to other high-precision polishing, due to the uniform surface roughness, this product can be polished to the required finish in a shorter time under the same particle size, improving production efficiency and quality.
Standing Model:
Particle size: 30μ(P800) 40μ(P600) 60μ (P400)
Width: 101mm (4 inches) 151.5mm (6 inches) 202mm (8 inches)
Make-to-order production
Particle size: 9μ(P2000) 15μ(P1200) 20μ (P1000)
Width: large quantity can be processed according to the required size
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