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Equipment oil cleaning agent

Equipment oil cleaning agent

Industrial production equipment will produce a lot of oil pollution in daily production and maintenance, and the cleaning of heavy oil pollution is an important link to ensure the normal progress of industrial production. Some oily cleaners on the market have unsatisfactory cleaning effects, slow degreasing speed, adhesion of dirt after cleaning, corrosion of substrates and paint, and environmental pollution. In response to this situation, the company introduced an efficient and environmentally friendly oil cleaner, which can quickly solve the oil pollution problem in industrial production and life.
1. Description of equipment oil cleaning agent
Alkaline translucent viscous liquid, with strong oil dissolving ability, quickly removes oil, dirt and other impurities. It is non-corrosive to various metals, non-flammable, non-explosive, and non-irritating odor. It is an environmentally friendly product, safe and reliable, and has passed the SGS environmental protection test.
2. Advantages of equipment oil cleaning agent
a. Strong penetrating power, fast dissolving and peeling off heavy oil stains.
b. Corrosion to the cleaned object, low irritation, safe and harmless to various surfaces, and does not damage the paint.
c. Non-flammable, non-explosive, safe to use.
d. Wide application range.
e. Easy to use, it can be diluted and used according to the situation.
3. Application field of equipment oil cleaning agent
a. Cleaning of various oil stains on the surface of various processing machinery, hardware equipment, and machine tools.
b. Cleaning of machined parts and equipment parts.
c. Floors, windows, range hoods, fans can all be used
4. Usage and dosage of equipment oil cleaning agent
step1: Wet the cloth with a cleaning agent and scrub directly, or use a watering can to spray the dirty area, and then use a brush or cloth to scrub directly.
a. If the oily layer is thick and dirty, the dosage can be increased appropriately. After the cleaning agent has soaked the dirty area for 30 seconds, use a brush or cloth to scrub repeatedly until it is clean.
b. If the equipment is not particularly dirty, you can mix it with water in the cleaning agent at a ratio of 1:1 (for example: 1KG cleaning agent to 1KG tap water), mix the two evenly, and wait until the cleaning agent soaks the dirty area. After ~60 seconds, it can be wiped clean with a cloth.
step2: After the first cleaning of the dirt, you need to use a clean damp cloth or clean water to scrub the cleaned place again.
5. Matters needing attention
a. Wear rubber gloves during use to avoid direct skin contact.
b. Prolonged soaking is prohibited. After scrubbing, it must be cleaned again with a clean damp cloth or clean water.
6. Use effect
Use the video on the spot, spray and wipe, and the equipment immediately takes on a brand new look.
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