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Applications of liquid current density meter

Applications of liquid current density meter


Current is divided into AC and DC. AC current can be measured with a transformer, and DC current can be measured with a special device with switching circuit, which has relatively high technology and manufacturing costs. The conductors are divided into solid and liquid. AC and DC measurements for solid conductors are relatively simple, but the ammeter that can test liquid DC isn’t available yet. After a long-term exploration, our company has developed the testing equipment that can test the current density of liquids, referred to as liquid current density meter. It has passed relevant testing, features high accuracy and easy operation, and is affirmed by the market.

 Significance to stable plating process:

 1. In general, the current density can only be calculated according to the average method, while the liquid current density meter may detect the actual current density at different positions; 

2. Test actual conductivity of anodes, and those with poor conduction shall be adjusted and repaired in time, to ensure stable product quality, so that a tool is available to test anode performance in actual production and has a positive effect in improving process control; 

3. Objectively reflect the overall performance of all aspects of the plating solution by testing the actual current density.

 Values to product quality:

 1. Ensure the coating thickness and uniformity;

2. Adjust the solution performance in time through the actual test results, and improve the plating quality; 3、

3. A good helper for plating workers, help analyze the quality problems in the actual production, easy to quickly find the problem.

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